The Telangana Martyrs Memorial of Rangareddy District

Forty one years after finishing the Telangana Martyrs Memorial in memory of those who lost their lives in the separate Telangana agitation of 1969, Prof. Aekka Yadagiri Rao has created the Amara Veerula Thyagala Spoorthitho Bangaru Telangana Sadhidham installation at Saroornagar Indoor Stadium, near LB Nagar Chowrastha. LB Nagar Chowrastha was among the foremost locations for the Telangana Udhyamam and saw bloodshed and grief.

The new creation of Prof. Yadagiri Rao reflects the change in the mood of people. Time has smoothened the Gun Park Memorial’s straight and proud lines and replaced them with soft contours and music. While the Gun Park Memorial is a reminder of battles fought and lives lost, Bangaru Telangana Sadhidham is a song of the future and of hope.
The terracotta colored sculpture works in counterpoint to the boulders on which it sits. The soothing blue black boulders inspired the artist to the conclusion which has driven the Amara Veerulu of Telangana: everything can be solved with determination and will power. The boulders are at once strong and sensitive. The ache for the new state which with its will has consumed young lives and broken boulders has now become a dream of a golden state.
The female figure sitting atop the boulders symbolizes birth and the creative energies of the universe. On the first birthday of the new state, the lady sings songs of Amarula Thyagulu and beckons us to strive and toil for Bangaru Telangana. The music is so powerful that it transforms everything it touches and the Tambura itself curves to the sound of the music at its sublime peak. The music breaks the boulders and life in the form of a tree sprouts from the barren earth to benignly provide shade to the singer.
The imposing height of the sculpture symbolizes the high aspirations of the people. While the aspirations and the dreams might seem impossible to achieve, the architects of the state work tirelessly towards the goal of Bangaru Telangana with the same determination that gave birth to the state.
Bangaru Telangana Sadhidham is a 6 feet 9 inches sculpture which sits atop boulders spread over an area of 44 feet to 37 feet in the forecourt of the Saroornagar Indoor Stadium and is the official Telangana Martyrs’ Memorial of Rangareddy District.