A Japanese Delegation led by Yasuo Takamatsu from Takuma CO., LTD, which in an energy and environment company along with Masaya Kawamoto of Takuma and Yasuo Kano of CBM CO., Ltd. Japan and Venkat Gandhi director of Synoverge, Japan, called on Jupally Krishna Rao, Minister for Industries, Textiles, Sugar and Handlooms.

They explained Takuma is one of the oldest established Broiler Companies with expertise to end solid waste. They are specialist in converting waste from industries, municipal etc to energy and disposal converted to fly ash which is only 5% of the total waste that can be used in construction and road lying.

It is the No. One company in incineration and has presence in Europe and Asia. It need not have a place for dumping and can be constructed in the middle of the city and has almost zero percentage of pollution emission; they have developed means to reduce the release of dioxins and helped a viable technology which is applied to waste incineration throughout Japan to this day.

They have 353 MSW incineration plants throughout Japan. They work on Takuma’s original grate technology. A plant of 1000 tonnes waste management costs around 150-200 million dollars.

They have requested the government to help to set up the plant by the government or as a joint venture and informed that it would take around 2-2 1/2 years to construct the plant and get it operational. The Minister was impressed and felt that it would be of great help given the present scenario of garbage disposal and felt that this would help in Swacch Telangana and would bring down the pollution levels and also the stink that emanates from it as this Japanese model does not emanate smell.

He spoke to TS Genco officials and Municipal Administration authorities and put them on to the concerned officials for further action and felt that this partnership would help in enhancing Brand Telangana and also achieve lower pollution levels both in Municipalities and Industries. (July 3, 2015)