Hyderabad, November 18, 2015 : Focus is once again back on the fact about provision of digital tools to children engaged in the process of film making. Speaking at the Open Forum o0f the 19th ICFFI at the Prasad’s Media centre on the theme “Ïs Digitalization redefining the story telling format and content Consumption for children" many experts including child rights activists said that conventional methods should give room for latest modules to assist children in film making.

"Until now we had only conventional methods of storytelling such as stories told by grandparents to children and reading story books to children by parent".  However, with the passage of time, Television took over, and the disruption happened when the digital online and gaming captured the imagination of our kids, says Ashish.

S K, Chairman, FICCI- Animation, VFX, Gaming and Comics and moderator for the Open Forum. The present era is dominated by Television but the challenges that we are facing is that digital formats are taking over and content consumption has increased online and on mobiles and DTH (Direct to Home) platforms.

Shrenik Rao, CEO of 7 Media Broadcasting, highlighted the importance of content and said that content is still the King. Mr. Ram Krishna Verrapaneni, of Whackedout Media said that now every platform is providing a special focus on children’s content hence there are more opportunities for content creation available.

In fact, the entire digital content creation system has become suddenly global by putting content on you-tube or Facebook and WhatsApp and the boundaries have become blurred  and seamless .The distribution to content consumption has been enlarged and global, Ashish S K said, “The consumption pattern of content has changed and so instead of watching the programmes in theatres the children are watching it on mobile phones  and IPADs or Computers. Earlier, the episodes were of  30  minute duration but today it is just seven minutes  Also so much content is directly released on social  & digital media network such as YouTube, Facebook or even on other  Digital Media platforms, said  Ashish S K.

Noted Filmmaker Ramesh Tekwani highlighted the abilities of kids to imagine and set that digitalization provides multiple sets of stories. Discussing this, Leigh Fisher from The Aga Khan Academy added that digitalization provides a combined opportunity for innovation.

The speakers at this forum included Rama Krishna  Verrapaneni, MD of Mango Mass Media  Pvt  Ltd & Whackedout Media Pvt Ltd,  which digitally distributes content, Deepak  Jain,  Jury  member, film  maker & Director of International Children Film Festival, Dubai, Shrenik  Rao, CEO of 7 Media Broadcasting, Mr.  Ramesh Tekwani, Corporate  Film Maker, Vedakumar.M, Chairman, Children’s Film Society of Telangana, Leigh Fisher from The Aga Khan Academy, K. Ravi Shankar, MD, Kids One & Mr. Prasad Pandit, India and SAARC Technical Head, Autodesk.