Hyderabad, February 15, 2016 : A high level delegation consisting of 12 officials led by Zhou Yue, Deputy Director, Department of Commerce, Hunan province, China, met Telangana State delegation led by Arvind Kumar, Secretary, Industries, Commerce & Energy of Telangana, in Mumbai in Telangana stall of “Make in India”.

Other members were Zeng Zi Li, Director, Industrial Promotion, Chen Daging, Deputy Director, High Tech Zone and James Wu, Dy. Director, Industrial Development Zone.

They expressed their willingness to set up Hunan Park in Telangana and requested for 2500-3000 acres for setting up SMEs units in different sectors. Secretary, Industries & Commerce suggested that this can be done in NIMZ, Medak area. Manicka Raj,Commissioner of Industries, Telangana also attended the meeting.