Hyderabad, June 4, 2015:
The Telangana Government has plans to make the   famous ‘Fish prasadm‘ for chronic asthma patients provided in Hyderabad into a successful event.

The Chief Secretary  Rajiv Sharma today held a meeting of the coordination committee at Secretariat with all the concerned departments on the  preparatory steps to be taken up for the ‘fish prasadam’  to be held at Exhibitions Grounds  on June  8 and 9,2015 .
During  the meeting  he emphasized on  tight security  with CCTV, proper lighting, strong barricades, temporary sheds for patients, NGOs stalls, toilets and bath rooms, more fish counters and  provision of  adequate water tankers for  storing of  fishing.
The chief secretary  directed that  a 24x7  control room at Exhibition grounds  should be set up  for monitoring of the crowds coming from all over country with necessary  bandobust  and escorting the  family  of  Bathini Harnath Gowd (the distributors of  Fish Prasadam)  from their ancestral home in old  city .